User Session and short course Agenda

November 3-5, 2005

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November 3





Opening session

o       S. Incerti (pdf) : welcome

o       B. Haas (pdf) : CENBG



User session 1 : Imaging

Chair : Joseph Perl (SLAC, USA)


o       I. Piqueras (pdf, video) : Study for the design of a multi modality imaging system dedicated to small animal

o       A. Trindade (contact : Simulation of the Clear-PEM scanner for breast cancer imaging with Geant4

o       N. Lang (pdf, video) : Simulated PET acquisition of a respiratory and cardiac moved NCAT-human torso phantom using the GATE toolkit

o       P. Leroy (pdf, video) : Geant4 simulations for Emission Tomography on low-activity radioactive waste drums with Compton detectors



Coffee break



User session 2 : Imaging and external beam therapy

Chair : Sophie Kerhoas (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA/SPhN, France)


·        Imaging

o       I. Buvat (pdf, video) : GATE : a simulation toolkit for emission tomography in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging


·        External beam therapy

o       B. Faddegon (pdf, video) : An accurate experimental benchmark of bremsstrahlung for radiotherapy quality beams

o       A. Raaijmakers (pdf, video) : Simulations for the virtual prototyping of a radiotherapy MRI-linear accelerator system: Linear accelerator output, CT-data implementation, dose deposition in the presence of a 1.5 T magnetic field

o       I. Cornelius (contact : The Use of the Geant4 Toolkit at the CMRP: Application to Radiation Protection, Oncology and Medical Imaging






Short course session 1 in main room (or focused discussions in parallel session)


o       Welcome, by Michel Maire (5 min) (video)

o       Introduction to Geant4 architecture, by John Apostolakis (30 min) (pdf, video)

o       Materials, geometry, by Gabriele Cosmo (pdf)                  

o       Particles, generic ions, primary generator, gps,

            tracks, events, runs, by Makoto Asai (45 min) (pdf, video)         



Coffee break



User session 3 : Hadrontherapy

Chair : Aatos Heikkinen (Helsinki Institute of Physics, Finland)


o       I. Gudowska (pdf, video) : Simulation of light ion transport in a water phantom using Geant4

o       I. A. Pshenichnov (pdf, video) : Fragmentation of light nuclei in water phantoms studied with Geant4

o       H. Paganetti (pdf) : Significance of time-dependent (four-dimensional) geometries for Monte Carlo simulations in radiation therapy

o       H. Paganetti (pdf, video1 & 2) : Geant4 based proton dose calculation in a clinical environment: Technical aspects, strategies and challenges

o       T. Sasaki (pdf, video) : Status and plan for the hadron therapy simulation project in Japan

o       T. Aso (pdf, video) : A Geant4-based simulation of irradiation system for hadron therapy






Bus transfer to Bordeaux city center and Welcome reception at Bordeaux City Hall





November 4





User session 4 : Space and biology applications

Chair : Philippe Moretto (CENBG, France)


o       P. Gonçalves (pdf, video) : Simulation of radiation monitors for future space missions

o       G. Santin (pdf, video) : Recent Developments in Geant4-Related Activities at ESA: Physics, Tools, User Interfaces

o       S. Incerti (pdf, video) : Geant4 simulations for microdosimetry at the cellular level and nanoprobe design

o       Z. Francis (pdf, video) : Geant4 DNA Physics processes



Coffee break



Short course session 2 in main room (or focused discussions in parallel session)


o       Generalities on processes, by Marc Verderi (30 min) (pdf, video)

o       Electromagnetic processes, by Vladimir Ivanchenko (45 min) (pdf, video)

o       Hadronic processes, by Aatos Heikkinen (45 min) (pdf, video)  






Short course session 3 in main room (or focused discussions in parallel session)


o       Physics List, by Dennis Wright (20 min) (pdf, video)

o       Stacks, hits, digits, by Makoto Asai (30 min) (pdf, video)

o       UI commands, by Makoto Asai (30 min) (pdf, video)

o       Visualisation, by Joseph Perl (30 min) (pdf, video)



Coffee break and poster session



User session 5 : High Energy Physics

Chair : John Apostolakis (CERN, Switerland)


o       J. Yarba (pdf, video) : Status of Use and Support of Geant4 at Fermilab

o       J McCormick (pdf, video) : Full Detector Simulation for the International Linear Collider

o       B. Tomé (pdf, video) : A Geant4 based simulation for Fresnel lenses

o       P. Miné (pdf, video) : H4SIM, a Geant4 simulation program for the CMS ECAL supermodule

o       H. Yoshida (pdf, video) : Geant4 education application








November 5


Short course session 4 in main room


o       Optics, by Peter Gumplinger (30 min) (pdf, video)

o       Analysis tools, by Guy Barrand (30 min) (pdf, video)

o       Installation, by Gabriele Cosmo (pdf, video by G. Folger )

o       Examples : hep, medicine, space ; documentation, by Dennis Wright (45 min) (pdf1, pdf2, video)


Coffee break



User session 6 : Dosimetry and computing

Chair : Pierre François Honoré (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA/SEDI, France)


·        Dosimetry

o       M. Schubert (pdf, video) : Geant4 Simulations for Betadosimetry and Activity Measurements in Brachytherapy

o       P. Guèye (pdf, video) : Fundamental  Physics and Basic Research in Brachytherapy with Geant4

o       C. Thiam (pdf, video) : Gate for brachytherapy applications and Gate simulations in a grid environment


·           Computing

o       J De Beenhouwer (pdf, video) : Importance sampling in Gate

o       R. Reuillon (pdf, video) : Possible issues to optimize stochastic simulation time with parallel sequences and unrolling



An update from Geant4 developers (pdf, video)






Social tour to Saint-Emilion vineyards and conference dinner



Return to hotels





November 6


Social tour to Atlantic coast



Return to hotels (see note below)



·        Posters will remain displayed during the whole conference.


·        Arrangements can be made with our Geant4 2005 shuttles if you need to go back earlier to the train station or to the airport.


·        Focused discussions will be organized in a parallel session for those who do not attend the short course