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The European Space Agency BioRad project proposes to extend the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit for the modelling of biological effects of radiation and shielding.

 BioRad objective

The objective of this project is the development, implementation and validation of physics models and software for analyses of radiation-induced biological effects and their modification through shielding. In particular, the development is intended for use with, and to extend to existing applications in biological radiation effects analyses, such as those required for the ISS and future human and robotic Exploration missions.


Our software developments include:

  • the extension of Geant4 Physics models for the simulation of realistic cosmic radiation spectra, including ion/ion models;
  • the modelling of realistic space radiation environments, such as aboard the International Space Station, following the outcome of the DESIRE project;
  • contribution to the Geant4-DNA project for the modelling of biological direct and non-direct effects of radiation.

Most of these developments are directly included in Geant4.


Publications related to BioRad are available from the Geant4 list of publications, from the Geant4-DNA list of publications and from this web site.


This project involves Geant4 developers as well as experts in several fields.

The Geant4-DNA collaborators are also official collaborators to this activity.


BioRad is funded by the European Space Agency under contract number 22712/09/NL/AT in response to proposal ESTEC/ITT AO/1-6041/09/NL/AT for the period 2010-2013.

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BioRad partners

Please, do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further information.