Members & activities

Our members are listed below, along with their laboratory.

They are members of the
Geant4 Collaboration.

  • Guy Barrand (IJCLab, Orsay)
  • Denis Bernard (LLR, Palaiseau)
  • Sabine Elles (LAPP, Annecy)
  • Laurent Garnier (now at INSU/OSUR, Rennes)
  • Ivana Hrivnacova (IJCLab, Orsay)
  • Sebastien Incerti (LP2iB, Bordeaux) - Geant4-DNA spokesperson since 2008
  • Jean Jacquemier (LAPP, Annecy, till 2017)
  • Michel Maire (LAPP, Annecy, retired)
  • Claire Michelet (LP2iB, Bordeaux)
  • Igor Semeniouk (LLR, Palaiseau)
  • Hoang Tran (LP2iB, Bordeaux)
  • Marc Verderi (LLR, Palaiseau) - Geant4 spokesperson since 2020

These members are involved in the following activities

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