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This web site presents up-to-date Geant4 development activities performed by IN2P3 collaborators.

Since Spring 2009, Geant4 is identified as a IN2P3 research project.

- The Members section lists all current members and contact information.

- The Activities section presents more details on these development activities.

- The News section is regularly updated with information of interest to all Geant4 developers and users.

- The Tutorials and teachings section lists all teaching events organized partly or fully by IN2P3.

- The Conferences and Workshops section gives links to Geant4 meetings organized in part or fully by IN2P3.

- The Geant4 Virtual Machine section gives access to a full installation of Geant4 for virtualization software.

- The Jobs section lists proposals for trainings and thesis in our IN2P3 laboratories around Geant4 developments.

- The Useful links section gives links that may be of interest to users and developers.

- The Publications gives a list of selected publications on our Geant4 activities.

- The Geant4-DNA project redirects to the Geant4-DNA project web page.

- The ESA AO6041/BioRad project and ESA AO7146/BioRad II project describe activities funded by the European Space Agency.

- Finally, the Visualization & QT area shows you recent developments for Geant4 visualization with Qt.

In case you need more specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This web site is maintained by Sébastien Incerti.