Advanced example for the simulation of proton micro-tomography

Please cite the following paper :
A Geant4 simulation of X-ray emission for three-dimensional proton imaging of microscopic samples,
C. Michelet, Z. Li et al.
Phys Med. 94 (2022) 85-93 (
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Description of the "stim_pixe_tomography" advanced example

Proton microbeams of a few MeV are widely used for the imaging and quantitative analysis of microscopic samples of a few ten or hundred micrometers in size, with a wide field of applications. Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy tomography (STIM-T) and Particle-Induced X-ray Emission tomography (PIXE-T) are techniques to determine the three-dimensional content of microscopic samples. STIM-T aims to determine the distribution of the mass density of analyzed sample, PIXE-T to reveal the chemical content (in g/cm3).

The "stim_pixe_tomography" advanced example is being developed at LP2IB, France, to simulate three dimensional STIM or PIXE tomography experiments. The simulation results are written in a binary file and can be easily accessed using the provided scripts. It will be soon available in Geant4.

User guide

The user guide is available at this link.

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