All presentations are oral and take place during plenary sessions exclusively.

They will be 15 min long, plus 5 min for questions.

Keynote speakers include:
  • Makoto Asai (SLAC, USA)
  • Vladimir Ivantchenko (CERN, Switzerland)
  • Ioanna Kyriakou (Ioannina U., Greece)
  • Eelco Lens (TUDelft, The Netherlands)
  • Dousatsu Sakata (U. of Wollogong, Australia)
  • Takashi Sasaki (KEK, Japan)
  • Nicolas Tang (IRSN, France)
  • Dennis Wright (SLAC, USA)
  • ...

A preliminary agenda is presented below:

October 29th
October 30th
October 31st
Session #1
9h - 10h30
Geant4 developments
Hadrontherapy #1Microdosimetry and radiobiology #1

Session #2
11h - 12h30
Radiotherapy #1
Hadrontherapy #2
Microdosimetry and radiobiology #2

Session #3
14h - 15h30
Radiotherapy #2
GPU and grids

Session #4
16h - 17h30
Radiotherapy #3

The full conference agenda will be available after confirmation of abstracts.

Presenters will have the possibility to upload their slides (Powerpoint and PDF formats) on a local Windows© laptop.

You may also email your presentation in advance to